[greenstone-users] Still having problems with Greenstone and our server

From Kathleen Loebig
DateFri May 30 08:04:19 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Still having problems with Greenstone and our server
I'm passing this along from my IT support who asked that I send it along.
Any ideas? Please let me know if any additional information would be useful
in helping us to get this problem solved!! Thanks in advance!!!

Our problem:
I've tried everything I know how to do pretty much, and greenstone still
isn't working... It's quite possible that I've missed something, but what
seems to be happening is the following:

One connects to the librarian interface, and attempts to open a collection.
The java application downloaded the complete collection for local caching
(I assume for performance reasons?). The application throws an exception
saying it can't open the ethnosam2.col file from the local application data
folder. This is strange because at this point in the operation, the entire
collection has already been cached to the local hard drive, and the file the
application is trying to open - ethnosam2.col - does not exist.

The server configuration and permissions appear correct, and the local user
on the machine in the archives has full control over everything in
C:Documents and Settings...Application Datagreenstone folder, so it's
hard to imagine that it's a permissions issue.

I've restarted the server and apache several times, and I've tried running
the "clean.sh" shell script and then recompiling the java application. I
get no warnings from anything running on the server...

Kathleen Loebig
ALISS Secretary
MLIS Candidate 2008
Grants and Funding Information Manager
Suzzallo Library
University of Washington
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