[greenstone-devel] Greenstone installation from source on Solaris 9

From Kurt Baker
DateFri, 07 Jan 2005 18:01:51 -0500
Subject [greenstone-devel] Greenstone installation from source on Solaris 9
Hello Greenstone Developers:

        In the interest of perhaps helping the next fellow down this particular road (Greenstone on Solaris), what follows is some of the pitfalls and solutions that we have found during the installation on Solaris.  Much appreciated has been the help from John McPherson, who created an updated configure for our use and has managed to answer our questions, or at least  point us in the right direction.

        Apache and Perl had already been installed on our box when we started, so we needed to add Gnu C and C++ with Libs, Gnu GDBM, Gnu make, and libiconv.  We used the www.sunfreeware.com  site to retrieve the following ".gz" files and used "package add" to install.

        gcc-3.3.2 (after 3.4.2 was a problem with another application)
                (note that the libraries are installed with these (libgcc-3.3 and                               libgcc-3.4.1)
        After we downloaded and "untared" the greenstone source, we attempted to use configure.  We encountered a syntax error in config.cache.  We could get around this error using ./configure --cache-file=/dev/null, but we opted to try to fix the problem.  John suggested we  try to build a new configure with a current autoconf, so we downloaded the autoconf and automake from the sunfreeware site, attempted to build a new configure, but ran into an old feature (LIBOBJS) in the configure.in that needed to be upgraded.  (John created a new configure for us to use, so it may be available in the current download at this time, so you may not encounter this problem.)  
        It is necessary to add to PATH /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/bin.  I put them first since I wanted to be sure to get the Gnu versions.  Also needed is the setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include /usr/local/lib and possibly /usr/local/include.  Configure now worked with the command ./configure CC=gcc CXX=g++.  
        The make failed.  The compile died on variety of wide-character functions.  We were stumped by this one for awhile, especially when we were informed that Greenstone was not using any of these functions.  Turned out that another application (MYSQL) would not work with the current libgcc, and since this can be downloaded separately from gcc, that is exactly what happened, overlaying the current version (oops).   We ended up with a current version of gcc and an older version of libgcc.  Once the versions were the same, the compile problems went away.  We also had to configure with "--with-libiconv=/usr/local/lib" and make libiconv in the local directory, for some reason, it would fail from the higher level make.  The command "make CC=gcc CXX=g++" now completed. 
        There were a couple things that needed to be done at the top level make for the install portion.  The section of code that follows needed to be commented out in the default Borne shell - it dies - since the loop is empty.
There is nothing in MODULEDIRS.

          for odir in $(MODULEDIRS); do
            echo making $@ in $$odir;
            (cd $$odir && $(MAKE) $(MDEFINES) $@) || exit 1;

        The oaiserver file was not in the cgi-bin directory, so I created an empty file so the install command would move the file.  The "make install" now worked.

        The next step was to copy all the code to where it would reside in production environment.  The Greenstone library executable in the cgi-bin directory needs libstdc++.so and libgcc.so located in usr/local/lib.  By default, when launched as a CGI the application will search usr/lib, but not usr/local/lib.  Currently, there is a link in usr/lib pointing to usr/local/lib.  We are looking for a better way to do this. 
        One last thing to check is the permissions on /etc/users.db - if not writeable, greenstone will fail to log you in as admin/admin.

Hope this was helpful.
Kurt Baker