[greenstone-users] help with macro

From Laurent Birba
DateThu Oct 1 02:05:50 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] help with macro
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thanks to Ra?l, I found where I have to modify the code for the
classification navbar link.
But since it's in the source code of greenstone, does it mean that I
have to compile it again if I want my modification active ?

Ra?l Barrera a ?crit :
> Hi Laurent,
> Navbar links are defined by macro

> SearchSubjectsFromDates both are functions defined by C++ to display
> automaticaly, so they cannot be modified.
> If you want a new menu, you must design it to display it where you want.
> Regards.
> Ra?l Barrera
> Prodigio Consultores.
> 2009/9/23 Laurent Birba <laurent.birba@martinique.univ-ag.fr
> <mailto:laurent.birba@martinique.univ-ag.fr>>
> Hello everybody,
> I'm trying to switch all the url of my greenstone collection with
> a url rewriting, and for this I've got to find where they are defined.
> I managed to change some of them (in base.dm <http://base.dm>),
> but I can't find how to modify the classifation navbar link.
> Can somebody tell me where are they ? I found something in the
> nav_css.dm <http://nav_css.dm> and the nav_ns4.dm
> <http://nav_ns4.dm>, but the link are not there, only the way they
> are displayed.
> Thanks in advance.
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