[greenstone-users] Winisis to Greenstone (Metadata Exlpoding)

From Lavji Zala
DateSat Nov 22 01:42:43 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Winisis to Greenstone (Metadata Exlpoding)
Dear Friends,

I would like to convert Winisis archive (dissertation database) to
Greenstone. I have been using the menual titled ?Creating Greenstone
Digital Library with Winisis Database? designed by K. Rajasekharan and
K.M. Nafala. It helped me a lot. Even through I am facing problem that has
been detailed as below.

In winisis archive (Dissertation database) there are number of
fields/elements including ?LINK? and ?PHOTO?. The ?LINK? element
represents Pdf of document and the ?PHOTO? element represents the Image
of student. I want both elements to be visible/accessible in greenstone.
When I try to explode the metadata (dis.mst, dis.fdt, dis.xrf) in
Greenstone (Dissertation collection) it shows the ?Explode Metadata Box?.
I have chosen ?dos_850-DOS Codepage 850 (Latin 1)? as ?Input _coding?. I
have also chosen ?LINK? as ?document field? I want to include one more
field ?IMAGE? in ?Input_coding? box. How can i do that.

Kindly guide me.


Lavji N. Zala
Assistant Librarian
Knowledge Exchange & Information Centre (KEIC)
Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA)
Ahmedabad - 380058
M- 093779922949