[greenstone-users] Connect pdf file to cds/isis converted file

From Lavji Zala
DateSat Feb 14 20:35:26 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Connect pdf file to cds/isis converted file
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Dear Bidhan,

You should assign the field/element for pdf path which you have created in
CDS/ISIS (Winisis) e.g. 'LINK'. PL. give the path of pdf files in "LINK"
element. e.g. C:WinisisPDF01.pdf. After giving path to all MFNs use
"Full Inverted File General" option in Winisis. Now, open the collection
which you have created in greenstone for this purpose. Drag the fdt, mst,
and xrf files. Now, exercise as follow.

while exploding the mst file use following options
(1)Input_endoing as dos_850-DOS codepage 850 (latin 1)
(2)document_field as LINK (which is on the base of the name of
field/element in winisis).
(3) Explode the collection

after exploding the mst files, you can view all pdf files in enrich panel
or gather panel. Now build the collection and the see result.

Pl. access following link for more info.


Lavji Zala

> Hi,
> I've prepared a database in Greenstone with a bibliographical database
> created by cds/isis-3.07. Now I want to connect pdf file with the exiting
> reference. Is it really possible??
> In this respect, I inform you that I export XRF, FDT, MST files. So there
> is no Dublin core fields.
> Bidhan Chaudhuri
> CGCRI, Kolkata,India
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