[greenstone-users] no gli display of values for customized metadata set

From Margaret Graham
DateWed, 14 Jul 2004 15:21:47 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] no gli display of values for customized metadata set
Folks -

We are working with the Librarian Interface and have customized the
existing Dublin Core metadata set by adding elements to the dc.mds file.
Some elements were added through the Librarian Interface and others
were added directly to the file. While the new elements appear in the
Librarian Interface, when we add a value to the element in the Enrich
view, the value does not show up.

The value does show in the collection metadata.xml file and in the
doc.xml file in the hash directory. When the collection is built and
the added but invisible value is searched for, the corresponding item is
found. There does not seem to be a problem adding values to the
pre-existing Dublin Core elements.

We're looking for help in how to make the values for the new elements
display in the GLI. While we can work on blind faith that we're
entering data correctly, visual confirmation would be better!

Any and all suggestions appreciated!

Margaret Graham

Margaret Graham
Digital Project Archivist
Archives & Special Collections
Drexel University College of Medicine