Re: [greenstone-users] Installation problems- Vista and mac osx

From Melissa Brown
DateFri, 26 Oct 2007 03:50:19 -0000
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Installation problems- Vista and mac osx
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I apologize, I had tried to install greenstone 3.01 when I still had os x 10.4.9, perhaps I should address this question to the greenstone 3 listserve. I have attached a word document of the process and error messages of my attempts to install greenstone 3.01 on mac os x 10.4.9.

However, has anyone had any luck installing any version of greenstone on an intel mac running 10.4.10? The part in which you need to log in as root and change the httpd.conf had me quite stumped when I tried to install 2.73 on mac os x 10.4.9 and there seemed to be a lot of problems with java.jars not being in the correct directories. So I gave up on that after a few weeks back in March and decided to try greenstone 3.01. Which I gave up on in June when I got it to work on XP, but my XP machine just died last week.

Also is there a way to import a collection burned on CD-ROM from 2.73 into the librarian interface for 2.74b on a new machine running a local library? I didn’t see the browse option when I chose “open collection”. The only collection available to open was the demo collection. Does it make a difference if the other collection was installed from a CD-ROM onto the :H/ drive that is a server?

Thanks in advance,

On 10/25/07 9:59 PM, "Richard Managh" <> wrote:

Hi Melissa,

The other computers I have access to are an Intel mac running os x 10.4.10
and a power pc mac running 10.2.9. I spent months trying to get 2.73 to run
on the Intel mac and no luck at all. I have vast amounts of documentation
and error messages from that.

Seeing as 10.4.10 is the most recent mac operating system, other than Leopard that just came out today,
and you had a lot of trouble getting 2.73 to work on it, it would be very interesting to see what your
documentation and error messages were, and what the problems were that you encountered, if you
can provide them please. Perhaps some people on the mailing list can help.



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