Re: [greenstone-users] ImagePlug question

From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 10 Dec 2004 09:09:12 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] ImagePlug question
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Hi Rich,

> I'm trying to get the collection to recognize stand-alone images (ie.
> not referenced from an HTML file). They have metadata; they have been
> apparently successfully imported (don't show in fail.log as not
> imported); I have ImageMagick on my machine I think set to the right
> path in; and I have turned on imagethumbnail size. I can't
> seem to get them to be listed in the browsing categories.
> Somewhere on this list I read that HTML plug interferes with image
> processing? But I have many files that need that also, most files are
> Word Docs, just a few standalone images.

Yes, you're right that HTMLPlug interferes with image processing, and
WordPlug and RTFPlug do too. The good news is that we've finally got
around to doing something about this, and HTMLPlug will now only gobble
up images that are referenced in HTML pages. The bad news is that this
just missed the 2.52 release.

A workaround is to put ImagePlug at the top of the plugins list and
define a customised process_exp for it. For example, if all your
stand-alone images are in a "saimages" directory, then a process_exp of


will cause only images in the saimages directory to be processed by
ImagePlug, and not images from your HTML or Word documents.

All the best,