Re: [greenstone-users] font in browsing buttons

From Michael Dewsnip
DateMon, 13 Dec 2004 09:44:02 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] font in browsing buttons
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Hi Rich,

Until about a year ago we used some Gimp scripts and 8-bit fonts for
generating the browsing button images. This worked OK for Latin scripts
(for which we used the Verdana font), but creating images for non-Latin
languages was a nightmare!

Now we've switched to using ImageMagick + Freetype and Unicode fonts,
and everything is much smoother. We can generate all our language
interface buttons with one font, saving us a huge amount of time and
giving the interfaces a more standard look. I'm not sure whether I like
the new font better than the old one but being able to generate all our
language interfaces with the same font is a huge advantage.

(Actually, we use two TrueType fonts, which come with any modern Windows
machine: ARIALBD.TTF (Arial, bold but doesn't contain all of Unicode)
and ARIALUNI.TTF (Arial, no bold but contains all of Unicode 2.0). The
first one is used if possible.)

There is a new webpage at that
hopefully makes generating new images simple.

All the best,


Rich Robinson wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm doing a few new images for the browsing categories. What is the
> font that is used in the bottons (such as "people a-z") in the default
> collections?
> Rich
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