[greenstone-devel] Greenstone is moving from CVS to SVN!

From Oran Fry
DateThu, 12 Apr 2007 15:32:44 +1200
Subject [greenstone-devel] Greenstone is moving from CVS to SVN!
Hello all,

Within a few weeks, the greenstone source code will be ported from the
current CVS repository to a Subversion (a.k.a. SVN) repository.
Subversion is a version control system designed to be a compelling
replacement for CVS in the open source community.

The main advantage of Subversion, and indeed the main reason for the
change, is that Trac (the bug tracking system) can talk to Subversion,
and do things like give a browser view of the repository, link bug
tickets with certain commits and so on. Other than that, Subversion is
younger technology designed by people who have already experienced CVS,
to fix it's shortcomings and make it easier to use. So far, I have found
and also read in reviews that subversion is in fact superior. In
summary, this will be a move to better technology, which will also allow
us to link our bug tracking with out source code repository.

All the history, branches and tags from the CVS repository will be
transferred to the new Subversion repository. If there is demand for it,
read-only access to the CVS repository can be left open for a time after
the move, or even permanently.

Instructions in manuals and on the wiki will be updated when the
changeover happens, explaining how to checkout Greenstone from the new
Subversion repository.

So long and happy coding!