[greenstone-users] We are testing Greenstone on Windows Vista

From Oran Fry
DateFri, 26 Oct 2007 14:24:00 +1300
Subject [greenstone-users] We are testing Greenstone on Windows Vista
Dear list members,

Just letting everyone know that we have started testing Greenstone on
Windows Vista. Our aim is to have Greenstone Vista-compatible in time
for the 2.75 release.

So far we have seen just a few bugs, some similar to those described on
the mailing list. We are now in a position to start fixing them, and we
will keep you posted on our progress.

Some people have had trouble launching the Graphical Librarian Interface
and the Greenstone Editor for Metadata Sets from the start menu. I was
able to reproduce this bug and come up with a patch to fix it. Either:
a) replace gli.bat and gems.bat (both in %GSDLHOME%/gli) with the
attached files. Remember to change the extension of the attached files
from .renametobat to .bat
b) in gli.bat and gems.bat, replace all occurences of setperl.bat
with %SystemRoot%Tempsetperl.bat , and all occurences of setjava.bat
with %SystemRoot%Tempsetjava.bat. Also, at the top of each file,
change @echo off to @echo on. This puts more detailed output into the
console when you run GLI and GEMS, which you can send to us by email if
you encounter more bugs.

Interestingly, I have found that none of the bugs manifest themselves in
Windows Vista Ultimate. So a possible short term solution to
Greenstone-Vista woes would be to switch to that OS, if it is available
to you.

Kind Regards,
Oran Fry.