[greenstone-users] Problems (bugs?) running version 2.82 under Windows Vista

From PG-PG-Kriwaczek, Alexander
DateFri Jul 17 07:49:49 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Problems (bugs?) running version 2.82 under Windows Vista

I'm building a collection using Greenstone 2.82 under (32-bit) Vista Home Premium edition, and have experienced the following problems:

1. When trying to build the "PDF collection" example library according to the notes in the 4-day workshop, employing the PDFPlugin with the convert_to option set to "pagedimg_jpg", the import.pl script gives the following error messages (among many others):

import.pl> util::mk_all_dir could not create directory C:/Program Files/Greenstone/collect/pdfcolle/cached/C:/Program Files

import.pl> util::mk_dir could not create directory C:Program FilesGreenstonecollectpdfcollecachedC:Program FilesGreenstonecollectpdfcolle mppdf05-notextpdf05-notext-0

What seems to be happening is that import.pl is making a mistake when generating the path of a new subdirectory that it wants to create. For some reason, it is repeating the "C:/Program Files" or "C:Program FilesGreenstonecollectpdfcolle" substring in the desired pathname. This repetition is obviously spurious. Furthermore, the repeated "C:" in the pathname includes the invalid colon character.

2. When trying to use the PagedImagePlugin with some of my own jpg files which are about 7Mb in size, the build process stops when trying to process the first file, Windows freezes up and needs to be rebooted. The problem does not occur when building the "Paged images" example library, but their image files are far smaller.

3. After using the PDFPlugin in connection with a set of PDF scanned image files with hidden OCR'd text, where the original document was in multi-columns, and I had set the "complex" plugin option, the resulting document page displayed by Greenstone included the scanned image of the page and underneath a black mess about 3 inches wide and 1/4 inches high, resulting from all lines of the text being displayed virtually on top of each other.

4. After using the Lucerne indexer when building both the example "Small HTML collection", as well as a library based on my own text files, if I conducted a word search then many or all of the documents did NOT display highlighting of the search term - neither initially nor after pressing "NO HIGHLIGHTING" and then "HIGHLIGHTING" again.

Is anyone else trying to use version 2.82 under Vista?


Alex Kriwaczek.
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