[greenstone-users] Hierarchy classification within paged image collections

From Kriwaczek, Alexander
DateSun Aug 16 20:49:51 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Hierarchy classification within paged image collections
Hi there,

I'm building a collection, part of which comprises about 560 pages from a Victorian periodical, using the paged image plugin. Each separate page is given its own particular metadata values, including the name of any article that begins on that page. I've built a subject.txt file, which describes a hierarchical classification of the article titles appearing in the periodical and want to build a hierarchy browser that would take the user to the pages holding the articles.

Despite carefully following the instructions, the hierarchy browser does not link directly to the pages. I have noticed that although the "List classifier" includes a "classify_sections" option, there is no such option in the "Hierarchy classifier". Does this mean that paged image collections do not support hierarchy classifiers that lead to individual pages "out of the box"?


Alex Kriwaczek.
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