[greenstone-users] How to upload a greenstone collection?

From Rajan
DateWed Feb 13 01:22:43 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] How to upload a greenstone collection?
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Dear Mr Vladimir,

Your clear, simple and logical answer solved some more doubts on this issue. Still a minor layer remains unsolved.

If I find a server which allow running CGI files ( dynamic content), what is the procedure to put the built up greenstone collection in the website ?

My question arises just because here in greenstone we do not create or copy any cgi files in to the CGI-BIN.

My understanding, as per my experience with CGI files in another program is that we need to copy some CGI files (perl files with .cgi extension) in the CGI-BIN folder of the webserver to run the dynamic content put in the web root folder.

So my specific question is what is the procedure to put a greenstone collection in the website, if CGI executable permission is there ?

Please answer me in the simple way, as in earlier answers, considering that I am not a computer man.


K Rajasekharan
Librarian, Kerala Institute of Local Administration(KILA)
Mulagunnathukavu, Thrissur - 680581 , India

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This time the answer is unfortunatelly no. You need permissions to
execute CGI programs on the server in order to run a Greenstone digital
collection. CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a method which server uses
to execute programs that dinamically generate contents. It is necessary
to configure server to recognize a program as callable through CGI or
else it will not be possible to run it, although you have set execute
permissions for it.
I realize the importance of this problem but the only way to solve it is
to find a provider willing to let you to run CGI programs. Greenstone is
regularly maintained open source software and it seems that it is not a
bigger threat to server security than any other similar software.
Moreover, nowadays providers have different options of setting up
virtual servers and reduce the security risks. Try to talk to some of
the administrators and find out is there a way to reach an agreement on
this issue.

Best regards,


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