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From Rajan
DateSun Dec 2 02:02:49 2007
Subject [greenstone-users] Building video files
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Dear Mr Biju / All,

Thank you for the response

My query had an error that the plugin used was Unknown and not Nul as I put it wrongly.

After the receipt of the reply I tried to buid with setting the configuration process_extension to .MPG for three time and found unsuccessful.

Then I set the process_exp to .MPG and created the collection successfully. The video was included for the first time.

After that I can now build that .mpg ( an 18 MB small ) file just by including the Unknown plugin and withour even configuring the process_extension or process_exp.

Can anyone shed some light on what could have been the reason for the initial rejection and the present inclusion by the same plugin - now without even any configuration ?

The question is meant for kowing more about the intricacy.


K Rajasekharan
Librarian, Kerala Institute of Local Administration(KILA)
Mulagunnathukavu, Thrissur - 680581 , India
Ph 0487 - 2200244+208 (O) 2201428 (R)
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Dear Mr. Rajan

You can very well build video collection in greenstone. But Nul Plug is not for that purpose. You have to configure an Unknown Plug to process video files with the extension .mpg.

You can follow the steps:

In the Document Plugins section of the Design panel:

add UnknownPlug;

activate its process_extension field and set it to "mpg" to make it recognize files
with extension


All the best

Biju. R
Greenstonesupport for South Asia

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