Re: [greenstone-users] howto customize user interface

From Rene Schrama
DateMon, 12 Jul 2004 11:12:36 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] howto customize user interface
Hello Frederica,

Some research on this subject was done by Stephen DeGabrielle and
others. I tried to do something similar but because I couldn't find a
generic solution I finally decided to rebuild the entire navigation bar
and make it collection-specific. It's not perfect but it works for me.
The collection can be found here:

The stylesheets and macros (Greenstone version: 2.41) can be used
without permission. The webserver directories cannot be listed but you
should be able to get the location of the stylesheets (core.css and
buttons.css) by viewing the source of any page. The CSS was successfully
tested with IE 5.01, IE 5.5, IE 6.0, Mozilla 1.7b, NS 6.1, NS 7.1, Opera
7.23, Safari 1.2.2 and IE/Mac 5.2. It will not work with IE 4.x and NS

The following macro files were modified:

- and (extensively)
-,,, and (smaller

Unfortunately, the text version of a button (<language>.dm) is not
always available. For instance, there is no Home or About so I used Home
Page and About Page.


>>> Federica Zanardini <> 08-07-2004
15:30:30 >>>
Dear all,
it is possible to eliminate from the search interface the buttons
(search,titles A-Z, subjects ... ) and to replace them with textual
links ?
I'd like substitute the graphical elements with textual and control the

style of the page (background color, fonts ecc) with an cascading style

sheet file.
From the handbook I have not understood how it is possible obtain it.
Perhaps someone

Federica Zanardini

Divisione Coordinamento Biblioteche
Universita' degli Studi di Milano
Via G.Colombo,46 - 20133 Milano