Re: [greenstone-users] Items in hierarchical list displayed as Untitled

From Rene Schrama
DateThu, 13 Nov 2003 15:53:26 +0100
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Items in hierarchical list displayed as Untitled
Update on yesterday's problem...

I limited the hierarchy file (keyword.txt) to just a few terms and now
I can reproduce the problem at will. It seems that every term in the
hierarchy file can only appear once (otherwise it becomes "invisible").
In the example file, both "bars" and "types of graphs" appear more than
once. After building the collectioin, both terms appear as "Untitled".
Two questions:
1. Is my assumption correct? (if so, I still don't understand why)
2. If so, how can I build a thesaurus, because thesauri are usually
stuffed with cross-references.


"bar charts" 125 "bar charts"
"bars" 125.401 "Use: bars"
"bar graphs" 126 "bar graphs"
"bars" 126.401 "Use: bars"
"bars" 129 "bars"
"types of graphs" 129.101 "Broader: types of graphs"
"pictograph" 129.501 "Used for: pictograph"
"bar charts" 129.502 "Used for: bar charts"
"bar graphs" 129.503 "Used for: bar graphs"
"types of bars" 129.504 "Used for: types of bars"
"pictograph" 2011 "pictograph"
"bars" 2011.401 "Use: bars"
"types of bars" 3037 "types of bars"
"bars" 3037.401 "Use: bars"
"types of graphs" 3045 "types of graphs"
"histogram" 3045.201 "Narrower: histogram"
"polygon" 3045.202 "Narrower: polygon"
"bars" 3045.203 "Narrower: bars"
"pies" 3045.204 "Narrower: pies"
"charts" 3045.205 "Narrower: charts"
"ogive" 3045.206 "Narrower: ogive"
"sociogram" 3045.301 "See also: sociogram"
"cluster analysis" 3045.302 "See also: cluster analysis"
"path diagram" 3045.303 "See also: path diagram"
"shape of distributions" 3045.304 "See also: shape of distributions"
"dendrogram" 3045.501 "Used for: dendrogram"
"diagrams" 3045.502 "Used for: diagrams"
"graphs of distributions" 3045.503 "Used for: graphs of distributions"