RE: [greenstone-users] History and fielded search

From Rene Schrama
DateWed, 19 Nov 2003 10:25:52 +0100
Subject RE: [greenstone-users] History and fielded search
Are you using Form Search? I am using Form Search with Form Type =
Simple and 4 fields. It does work with Form Type = Advanced, in that
case the history item is copied to the text box at the bottom. Nothing
happens when using Form Type = Simple. Maybe this is not currently
possible because the query would have to be split up over several boxes
(that's my theory anyway).


>>> "Thiagarajan, Rajendran (Cognizant)" <>
19-11-2003 09:36:59 >>>

but rene its finely works with my xp system.

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Subject: [greenstone-users] History and fielded search


I noticed that history items cannot be reused with fielded search
(nothing happens when I click on the icon). Is this a known problem
will it be fixed in a future versioni?
(XP, 2.40)


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