[greenstone-devel] Re: [greenstone-users] Greenstone v2.41 released

From Rene Schrama
DateMon, 15 Dec 2003 17:03:43 +0100
Subject [greenstone-devel] Re: [greenstone-users] Greenstone v2.41 released
Thanks Michael. I would have replied sooner but I don't always work on


>>> Michael Dewsnip <mdewsnip@cs.waikato.ac.nz> 12-12-2003 05:18:10
Hello Rene,

I've just finished building the new language pack, but don't quite
time now to test it thoroughly and put it up on sourceforge. I will
probably come in tomorrow to do this.

Until then, if you're really desperate or want to help test the new
language pack, you can get a beta version from here:
http://www.cs.waikato.ac.nz/~mdewsnip/greenstone. Otherwise, I'd
recommend you wait until it has been tested a little more and

(Sorry about the stupid error message with the last language pack -
obviously I didn't think very hard about the future when creating it).



Rene Schrama wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> I hate to rush you but... how soon is soon? The problem is that the
> current Language Pack is incompatible with Greenstone 2.41. Error
> "The version of Greenstone installed on your computer (02.41.0000)
> too old too work with this software. Please download and install the
> latest version of Greenstone from http://www.greenstone.org before
> installing this software."
> Rene
> PS Look out for a new release of the Greenstone Language Pack soon,
> containing new Greenstone interfaces in Croatian, Finnish, Greek,
> Hindi,
> Kannada, Portuguese (Portugal) and Ukrainian, and major updates to
> existing Chinese and Turkish interfaces! Many thanks to all those
> have helped with creating these interfaces.
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