Re: [greenstone-users] Formatting, general questions

From Rene Schrama
DateWed, 31 Mar 2004 15:00:44 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Formatting, general questions

I can only help you with one question, the one about skipping the home
page. I'm not claiming it's the right way, but this is how I solved it:

1. export the collection
2. make the following changes at the bottom of main.cfg (or overwrite
it with a modified copy):

# set a default value for the built-in "p" cgi argument
cgiarg shortname=p argdefault=about

# set the default collection to my_collection
cgiarg shortname=c argdefault=my_collection

# set mgpp stuff
cgiarg shortname=ct argdefault=1
cgiarg shortname=qt argdefault=1
cgiarg shortname=qto argdefault=3

You can leave out the last 3 if you don't use MGPP.

Maybe you should try Inno Setup for installation (freeware) although
changing the installer won't solve the "CD only" problem.


>>> Jeremy Mears <> 28-03-2004 17:18:46

I'd like to format the Hierachial list in a Browse window. Change the

font, size etc, but i can't seem to find the appropriate macro. Here's

the classifier i'm using:
classify AZList -metadata ex.Title -buttoname Browse.

I've been able to format he bodytext using the Format Features format
CL1Vlist commands but no luck with the AZlist.

I managed to sort out most of the problems i've had with the CD
installer. The main problem was the uninstaller wasn't removing the
registry entries so when i tried to install a fresh copy it was seeing

the registry entry from the last install and not fully installing.

What i'd like to do is run a collection from the CD, because some users

can't install anything on their PC's. Is this possible? I guess i'll

need the modify the cfgsite file to point to the CD. This is usually
D:, but what if that's not the CD drive?

When you first start the collection the first page shows you a list of

collections in the browser window, you then click on the one you want
and you head for that collections homepage. Is there any way we can
skip that first page and go straight to the collection homepage?

The page titles for the browse windows in Internet Explorer are "GSDL
Error" rather than the collection name, how do i fix this?

Thanks in advance

Jeremy Mears Design

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