[greenstone-users] Subcollections & Preferences

From Rene Schrama
DateMon, 21 Jun 2004 13:23:04 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Subcollections & Preferences

I am currently running a Greenstone 2.41 collection under Windows XP
(local library) and the same collection under Windows 2000/IIS (web
library). There are 2 subcollections, srmv1 and srmv2. Problem is that,
whenever I change a preference (any preference), the string
"&cc=srmv1&cc=srmv2" is appended to the URL, making it bigger and bigger
until the browser finally stops responding. The online vesion can be
found here:


Question number 2 is about the search history. I have seen several
collections that seem to clear the history at logon (i.e. whenever I
reopen the collection) but I can't figure out how this was done. Any
ideas? (btw these collections were running under Unix/Apache)