Re: [greenstone-users] OSX - ImageMagick installed but Greenstone can't locate

From Rich Robinson
DateWed, 25 May 2005 17:15:47 -0700
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] OSX - ImageMagick installed but Greenstone can't locate
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Well, I set the $PATH in the tcsh shell; then switched to the bash
shell just now and saw the path is different, so must get set
separately for each that case how would I get a regular
application to look on a particular shell's path? Otherwise I'll
modify the as you suggested.

>On Wed, 2005-05-25 at 14:32 -0700, Rich Robinson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On OSX 10.2.8 I successfully installed ImageMagick 5.5.7, ran the
>> standard test to be sure it works. However, Greenstone's GLI puts up
>> the message that it can't locate ImageMagick. I've added the
>> ImageMagick directory to my path variable as well as the usr/localbin
>> directory that contains "convert".
>If you modify your $PATH variable in a shell, it will only take effect
>for commands that are subsequently started from that shell, so starting
>GLI from the Finder won't have the newly modified PATH.
>Unix software traditionally installs into /usr/local/ by default for
>stuff that you have manually installed, while stuff that is packaged by
>your OS vendor/distributor goes into /usr. A google search reveals that
>OS X doesn't include /usr/local/bin on the default PATH, which is the
>cause of the problems here.
>I don't know how to get graphical apps in OS X to get an updated path;
>the "normal" way is to set your path in the $HOME/.profile file (which
>you can create), which is read in by the shell when it starts.
>Add something like
> PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/bin"
>to this file. I've been told that this will also work for graphical
>apps launched by the finder, although you'll probably have to log out
>and back in.
>If that doesn't work, we can always modify greenstone's path.
>In .../gsdl/bin/script/, add
> $ENV{'PATH'} .= ':/usr/local/bin' ;
>somewhere near the top.
>Let us know which solutions work or don't work.
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