[greenstone-users] Re: DateList

From Rich Robinson
DateTue, 14 Sep 2004 11:58:00 -0700
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: DateList
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I did this method on the DateList classifier but it only seems to
have the option to display the month, not the day. Here's the
situation: some items like newspaper articles, I'd like by year month
day. Other items like books only need a year. What would you
suggest for this sort of thing?


>Hi Rich,
>Yes, there is. The format required is "yyyymmdd", eg. "20040904" for
>your example.
>All the best,
>Rich Robinson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there a specific way to put dates in the Date Metadata field in
>> order for the Browsing by Date to work properly? When I just had
>> years it was fine (e.g., 2004, 1998), then on some entries I tried a
>> format like 09-04-2004 and that did not work. Any insights?
> > Thanks - Rich