[greenstone-users] assorted questions - v. 2.50 on Windows

From Rich Robinson
DateSat, 12 Jun 2004 11:37:18 -0700
Subject [greenstone-users] assorted questions - v. 2.50 on Windows

I'm very new to Greenstone and have a couple of questions. I've done
an install of Greenstone 2.50 on our local Windows machine with the
aim of developing the collection locally and then uploading the files
to our Unix installation for world viewing.

A few problems on the Windows program

1 - Quite frequently when I "Build Collection," it will complete to
100% and then generate an error message: "Exception detected during
collection install. Most likely caused by Windows or Local Library
holding locks on files: Index directory cannot be removed." A second
run-through then generally completes successfully and allows the
preview. At first I thought the error was occuring because I had a
document from the collection or a config file open in another
program, but it still happens even when all files that Greenstone is
accessing are closed in other programs. Platform is Windows 2000.

2 - It seems that manual changes to the collect.cfg file are
overridden by the next build of the collection, to reflect the
settings in the Librarian. At least that is happening each time I
try a manual edit. Is that always the case? If yes, where does one
add a line such as "groupsize," as I see no place for it in the
Librarian menus.

3 - I've set up browse indexes to include DateList, however, when I
click on Date in order to browse by date, I get an error "server.exe
is shutting down. An error log is being generated." Well, the error
logs appear to be empty and I'm not sure why it is choking on

4 - And a question more about the philosophy of buildilng a
collection - when might it be better to include metadata in the
document itself vs. including it from the Librarian and/or a separate
metadata file? If it's included from the Librarian, is it ever
exportable should we migrate to a different program some day?

Thanks for any help on the above!

Rich R.