[greenstone-users] Extracting Metadata

From Santhosh Pillai
DateWed Feb 3 10:24:14 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Extracting Metadata
Dear Sir,

We were using a software for information retrieval which is designed in
Foxpro. This software had the facility to display the softcopy for the
information retrieved using a Number which was the same as the filename of
the pdf. eg 34564.pdf, 55643.pdf. The supporting data ie Title, Author,
Page Nos etc are stored in the dbf file. Now that we have planned to
migrate to Greenstone, i have imported all the pdf files to Greenstone. Can
i anyhow transfer the other details such as "Title", "Author" etc from the
dbf or an mdb (Microsoft Access) file directly to Greenstone dc elements.
Otherwise i would have to key in all the details for the metadata for
Greenstone. Is there a subroutine that will make this data transfer
possible (The only link is ex.title and the title field in the dbf file).

Yours sincerely,

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