[greenstone-users] Hfile

From Sridhara B
DateFri, 16 Feb 2007 15:07:33 +0530
Subject [greenstone-users] Hfile
Dear collegues/friends
Iam using GSDL 2.72 iam having three query can body reply for this.
1.I have a collection of journal articles iam using Hirarchical
browsing the fist level is volume , second level is issues and then
the articles.Iam using Hfile for hirarchical browsing and the hirachy
is in revers chronological order that is volume 25 will come first and
volume 24 wi come second and volume 23 will come third and so on
----till volume 1.The probllem comes when i inclde a new volume that
is volume 27 then i will have to change whole hfile again.Is a
solution possible without changing hfile.

2.Evertime when i buld collection 8-10 documents are rejected by
saying it could not processed by pdfplug.And these documents are not
same evertime.

3.How can we do global replacement in metadata filed.

Warm Regards
Sridhara B