[greenstone-users] Using a controlled list for Subjects in Qualified Dublin Core

From Stephanie Dal Pra
DateMon, 7 Mar 2005 12:14:35 -0800 (PST)
Subject [greenstone-users] Using a controlled list for Subjects in Qualified Dublin Core
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I'm trying to build a collection containing a number
of documents. We want to have a controlled list of
Keywords from which authors can choose when they add
documents to the collection, preferibly using the GLI.
Is this possible?
I am using the lastest release of Greenstone (2.53)
and tried adding an <OptionList><Value> element (I've
included the code below), but the value doesn't show
and I can't seem to find any documentation on how to
accomplish this.
Also, I had to edit the DTD for Qualified Dublin Core
(in ../gli/metadata/) quite a bit to get it to
validate in XML Spy...
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Stephanie Dal Pra

***********DUBLIN CORE MEDATADATA CODE**********
<Element name="Subject" remember_values="true">
<!-- English -->
<Language code="en">
<Attribute name="identifier">Subject and
<Attribute name="definition">The topic of
the content of the resource.</Attribute>
<Attribute name="comment">Typically, a
Subject will be expressed as keywords, key phrases or
classification codes that describe a topic of the
resource. Recommended best practice is to select a
value from a controlled vocabulary or formal
classification scheme.</Attribute>
<!-- Non-language specific -->
<Attribute name="version">1.1</Attribute>
<Attribute language="en"
name="registration_authority">Dublin Core Metadata
<Attribute name="datatype">Charater
<Element name="other">
<Language code="en">
<Attribute name="definition">May use
for concept terms generated from documents using rule
set such as only physical artifacts.</Attribute>
<OptionList restricted="true">


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