[greenstone-users] Multiple resolutions of same image

From Michael B. Klein
DateFri, 24 Nov 2006 15:51:37 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] Multiple resolutions of same image
Hello everyone,

I'm working with a graduate class in Digital Libraries, and we're
using Greenstone to create our class project. The collection consists
entirely of images scanned out of a scrapbook.

We have decided that each image will exist in 3 different sizes --
250px wide, 600px wide, and 3200px wide, with whatever height they
need to maintain their aspect ratio. The images and their derivatives
have all been created and we're putting them into Greenstone now.

The problem is, I can't figure out how to handle this 3 images per
object issue. I only want one copy to show up in search results and
classifier lists (the 250px version), with "Click for larger image:
medium | large" links. I know that we can get by with importing only
the 250px image and linking to externally hosted copies of the larger
ones, but this doesn't quite feel right from a digital library

I know I can use partition indexes to satisfy the search result issue,
but I can't seem to get objects to stay out of browse lists unless I
leave metadata off of them, in which case it's going to be difficult
to determine which images are alternate representations of each other.

I also know about the plugin switch that finds alternate
representations based on the base filename and differentiates by
extension, but that won't work, either -- all 3 images are JPEGs, and
I don't want to use non-standard extensions for obvious reasons.

Am I missing something fundamental, or is this type of browsing
something Greenstone simply doesn't support?

Michael Klein