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Hi Katherine,
Thank for your reply. In my case, collections are build in Greenstone and
used MGPP to search information. I try to use the gdbm package but it
requires the gdbm database that I can not find.

In order to import resources to a collection, I used and programs which are executed as a function in my project. After
these processes, is the gdbm database created? And where is it stored? I
only found the file with ldb extension (ex: test.ldb) stored in text
directory of corresponding collection. Is this file the gdbm database?


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In a greenstone collection, we use mgpp/mg to index and store the text,
and gdbm to store the metadata.
mgpp uses document numbers 1, 2, 3 while greenstone uses document ids
HASHxxx etc. the gdbm database provides a mapping between mgpp document
numbers and greenstone numbers, and also stores all the metadata such as

If you are building a collection using greenstone, then you can get the
filename from the gdbm database. If you are using mgpp independently of
greenstone, you will need to provide a mapping yourself.
For example, you might store a list of mgpp numbers and corresponding
filenames. Or you might want to store the filename as the first part of
the compressed text, or you might create two sets of compressed text -
one stores the doc content, the other stores the filename. Then you can
retrieve the filename usign the search results by just doing getDocument
on the other compressed text.


st102416 wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am a master student of Information Management. My thesis is to build a
> e-learning system in which I used GSDL as a component to store learning
> materials. In order to search information, I used MGPP package.
> My question is how can I get filenames of searched result? I also used
> getDocument() function, but it returns all contents of document.
> Can everyone help me or suggest other ways to sovle this proplems?
> Thank very much!
> vd
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