[greenstone-users] request

From akbar majidi
DateSat Jan 30 18:08:01 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] request
Dear Sirs

I would appreciate if you guide me with this problem: I have a folder in
which there are bibliographical information as well as a pdf of the papers.
In fact, in order to make a collection in Greenstone I have to enter this
collection one by one or as a whole, and allocate metadata to them which may
lead to some errors while entering those data. Therefore, I wonder if there
is any possibility in Greenstone for me to first enter the metadata Then by
entering the papers and clicking on each of them I connect to the papers
automatically. Does Greenstone have such a capability?

Another question: What is the best and the most convenient path and method
for allocating the meatada to the collections?

Thanks in advnce for your kind cooperatin in helping me with these

Best Regards
Akbar majidi
akbar majidi
Post-Graduate student,
Department of library and information science
Tarbiat Modares University,Iran
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