[greenstone-devel] Problem with GLI, plugin and non-ascii met adata

From arnaud yvan
DateThu Feb 4 04:28:39 2010
Subject [greenstone-devel] Problem with GLI, plugin and non-ascii met adata
Hi Katherine,

- I add the ogv files into the collection and then the plugin processes
- the problem is with the metadata inside the ogv files.
I tried to use the GLI on both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) client : it did'nt


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Hi Yvan

Are the ogv files downloaded into the collection by the plugin? Or do you
add ogv files into the collection and then your plugin processes them?

Is it a problem with filename characters, or with text inside the files?

If it is the former, if you add eg a pdf file with non-ascii characters in
the filename using GLI, does it work ok?


arnaud yvan wrote:


I'm playing with greenstone 2.83 on a linux server (ubuntu 8.04) and remote

gli on windows xp sp3 (2.83 too).

I wrote a plugin (well... mainly based on UnknownPlugin) to retrieve OGV

files metadata (OGG Theora/Vorbis video files) using mediainfo


When I build my collection on command line on the server the non-ascii

characters of ogv files metadata are ok.

When I build my collection using gli the non-ascii characters are replaced

with a ? character.

Shall I have a look into gli source files to correct this or is it something

to do inside the plugin ?

I can send the plugin's code if it helps.

Best regards

Yvan Arnaud


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