[greenstone-users] Search string

From Diego Spano
DateWed Aug 13 07:38:32 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Search string
Hi Greenstone team,

I have a question related to search strings. I have a metadata named
DocNumber that will have values like these (first part is a consecutive
number and second part is the year):

Title: Doc1
DocNumber: 330/98

Title: Doc2
DocNumber: 120/07

Title: Doc3
DocNumber: 205/08

So, If I index these values GS will divide each number in two parts because
it will not index puntuation chars. How can I index the whole string as
one?. How can I search for words that include punctuation chars?. the same
thing happens if I use 330-98.

I want to search 330/98 and get a result, but I can?t!!!!


Diego Spano

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