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From ela qica
DateTue Jul 5 12:32:46 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] RE: Request for Urgent Assistance Please
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Good morning Anupama.
Our server is giving the following error message :
'grub error 17'
We'd be grateful to any help or referral as regards a solution to this
Many thanks for your time and response so far received.
Best regards,

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Hi Ela,

I just looked at the code that generates a message that starts with
"Collection configurations zip file". It appears this will happen when
one is downloading collection configuration zip files. It seems that 2
errors related to creating the zip file could have been generated at
this point:
(1) If the java command to create the zip file failed, then you'd get an
error which is of the form "Java failed: <more information>".
(2) The next check is whether the zip file exists after trying to create
it. If not, it will display the particular error you saw.

Yet the first (Java) related error does not seem to have occurred in
your case, am I right? And prior to last week, things appear to have
been working still.

I am wondering whether the error message is due to your server's hard
drive running out of space? This could be consistent with the same
process working last week, yet failing to (re)create a routine zip file
now. Could you see if there's any room left on the server's hard drive
or partition where the collections are built and stored?


ela qica wrote:
> Greetings from Fiji GS team.
> We currently have our thesis digital collection on GS v.2.74.
> Since launching our collection in 2008, we have had no major problem
> until last week.
> The collection did not complete the rebuild process and attempts to
> access the collection through GLI, resulted in the following message:
> *"Collection configurations zip
> file/usr/local/gsdl/collect/collection-configurations-1308690042026.zip"*
> Can someone please assist us as we have rebooted the server, but the
> problem continues.
> Our Linux experience is limited but would appreciate any help please.
> Many thanks and best regards.
> Ela
> USP Library
> Suva, FIJI