Re: [greenstone-users] Transferring metadata

From graeme
DateSun, 25 Feb 2007 18:19:17 +0430
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Transferring metadata
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That can certainly be done.

I've taken a database of 5-6000 entries (and I'm going to be working on another of 15000). Because what was required is more of a catalogue than a digital library, I created a folder for each entry and in that folder I had two files, one that displays the catalogue details for the end user and a metdata.xml file for Greenstone. The librarian is also able to add files to the folder to have a more digital library look.

The metadata.xml fiel can use any metadata, I started with a combination of DC and DLS, but have now switched to rfc1807


On 2/25/07, Julian Fox <> wrote:
Hi there list,
What is the possibility (or what are the options) for someone who might
want to transfer, say, a photoarchive system already with about 15,000
items in it to Greenstone - without retyping all the metadata.  In other
words, is it possible to take a set (doesn't happen to be DC, it's
idiosyncractic but a system nevertheless) of metadata and transfer it
across to a Greenstone collection somehow?  I am trying to offer someone
a way forward, but if it meant we had to retype all the metadata then he
may baulk at the idea, understandably.

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