[greenstone-users] Failed to build existing system...

From graeme
DateThu, 8 Feb 2007 16:36:36 +0430
Subject [greenstone-users] Failed to build existing system...

I have been trying to re-build our greenstone system but get the following error on the index building phase:

buildcol.pl> GAPlug: processing HASHdc5f.dir/doc.xml
buildcol.pl> GAPlug: processing HASHbbd5.dir/doc.xml
buildcol.pl> *** creating auxiliary files
buildcol.pl> arcinfo::save_info couldn't write /var/www/html/DigitalLibrary/gsdl/collect/areu/archives/HASHc7fe.dir/doc.xml/archives.inf
buildcol.pl > Command failed.

looking around I see why it fails:
var/www/html/DigitalLibrary/gsdl/collect/areu/archives/HASHc7fe.dir/doc.xml is a file not a folder. But why is it trying to add a file to that location?

System: Fedora 5
Version: Greenstone 2.70

Builds have been successful in the past (the O/S is set to automatically update itself)

Any help would be great.