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From graeme
DateMon, 19 Mar 2007 22:51:41 +0430
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] multilingual metadata in Greenstone collections
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You will probably find that the dc metadata has been translated for you (for example check out gsdl/gli/metadata/dublin.mds and search for the metadata you're interested in. However if there are any changes you want to do to the translations then that can be done via the macro language. If you want to change, the metadata subject then you would need to change the macro Subject and Subjects The following would be the sort of code you would need to change the macro, this will be held in the macro folder of the collection and is called

package Global

_labeltitle_ [l=en] {Title}
_labeltitle_ [l=fr] {Titre}


On 3/19/07, Documentation / <> wrote:
Hello all,
We're building a multilanguage library based in Greenstone v. 2.72 for the
 Indigenous Peoples' Documentation Center ( in Geneva,
We would to be able to traslate dc metadata  :  Subject (keywords) and ev. Title. It's possible to do that in Greenstone? The goal is to obtain the right language keywords in accord with the language choosed by the user in Preferences. We work in english, french, spanish and russian.
If anybody knows how to proceed, that should be great. Any help is welcome.
Thanks a lot in advance,
Benigno Delgado
documentaliste resp.
Centre de documentation, de recherche
et d'information des peuples autochtones

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