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DateFri, 23 Mar 2007 09:22:46 +0430
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] migrating from access to greenstone
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I have done this with a couple of collections which we had on an access database. The approach that we took was to convert the access database to excel and then save it as a comma separated list. I then wrote a small program to generate the metadata files from the comma separated file. For a programmer that task is quite simple. If you choose to take that path then I hope that you can find someone to do that for you.

The big decision that you need to make is how will your current data map to the metadata set(s) that you will use.

All the best.

On 3/23/07, <> wrote:

Hello colleagues, I write from Chile; it wanted to know if somebody can help
me; in my place of work this being developed a project of digitalization of
approximately 12,000 images. They have already been digitized near 4000
The cataloguing registers, the description, indication of contents, matters
and others; this process has taken place with a data base developed in Access.

When I knowing greenstone and its capacities I have decided trying to migrate
all these contents and images associated, to this tool that seems to me very
complete (Greenstone).

I have to read and reviewed the documentation but not found a clear
description of like carrying out this process and the involved steps; the
installed version is the 3.02, and my operating system is win xp.

I am thankful if somebody can give me some type of aid for carrying out this
process to migrate from Access to greenstone

A Greeting to all from Chile

José Negrete López
Seminario Pontificio Mayor
Av. Walker Martinez Nº 2020
La Florida, Stgo. Chile
Phone: 56-02-4883842 - 3800

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