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From kamal mustafa
DateSun Apr 6 23:06:26 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Blog Post "Greenstone2.75 Released"
Dear John,
Since the Greenstone version 2.72 no manual work is required for GLI Arabic interface.Any how check the following
1-Check the directory "C:Program FilesGreenstonegliclasses" for the file dictionary_ar .This file should be available.
2- Check the directory "C:Program FilesGreenstonegliclassesxml" for file languages.xml and open it with text editor and the Arabic line should be as follow
<Language name="ARABIC" code="AR" gli="true" gs="true" mds="true">SEMITIC</Language>
if it is not just edit it to be as above.
3-Open Gli -->Click on FILE-->Preferences and change to Arabic in the "interface language".The most common reason not to be able to write Arabic when your "FONT" is Veranda,Change it to any Arabic font .
4-Press and hold "Alt" and press Shift to change to Arabic keyboard if your keyboard is not Arabic by default.

Best Regards

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I am asking Kamal Salih Mustafa Khalafala at
Institute of the Environmental Studies Library in
the University of Khartoum, who is an expert in
the development of Arabic language collections,
to respond directly to you on this matter. Best regards, John Rose

Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 11:24:32 +1300
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>Subject: [greenstone-users] Re: Blog Post "Greenstone2.75 Released"
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>sir i am using Greenstone 2.75 version but i
>have some problem in it . i want to add meta
>data in Arabic Language but i can't type Arabic
>in Greenstone Librarian Interface.
>so please tell me what should i do.how i can
>solve this problem.please tell me thanks

John B. Rose
1 Bis, Rue des Ch?tre-Sacs
92310 S?vres
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