: [greenstone-users] Arabic Greenstone blog

From kamal mustafa
DateThu Jul 3 01:33:20 2008
Subject : [greenstone-users] Arabic Greenstone blog
Dear Arabic users,
There is now a Greenstone blog in Arabic at http://arabicgsdlblog.blogspot.com

(Also referenced on the the Greenstone homepage).
This blog aims to shed lights on the applications of the Greenstone digital library software and Arabic digital library issues as general .The contents of the blog include:
Introduction , recent version , Arabic maintainers , Greenstone 3,Regional Greenstone groups , screenshots of Arabic Greenstone applications , Arabic Greenstone sites , Arabic library and information blogs , digital library : Books , digital library : periodicals and articles , digital library : thesis & dissertations , digital library : projects ,Arabic Greenstone manuals, CDS/ISIS conversion to Greenstone .Questionnaire
For the establishment of Greenstone Support Organization Arabic Region (GSOAR).
I hope Usama Salama and Kamal Hindawi the Arabic maintainers to join as Arabic Greenstone bloggers .Others with experience in Greenstone are invited as bloggers ,and all are invited to share and contribute.
Best Regards
Kamal Salih Mustafa
University of Khartoum ,Institute of Environmental Studies
Library , Khartoum , Sudan
Email: kkhalafala@yahoo.com ,ksm1960@live.com

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