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From m.mehrling@neu.edu
DateSat Dec 6 07:31:37 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] links from AZCompact list
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Instead of using icons, I would like to link from an AZCompact list of
subjects ("open this section of the library and view contents") to the
page with the full list of each subject ("close this section of the
library"). I have figured out how to make the link using
[link][Title][/link], but on the second page there is a link back (to the
list of subjects) but also a link with the name of the file(I think it's
ex.title) which doesn't go anywhere useful. How can I get rid of the link
of the name of the file? It seems to be linked to the subject name

Also, I am looking for more instruction on manipulating the macros and
config files, and maybe even looking at the source code. I've been using
the wiki and listserv archives, are there any other resources I should be

Thanks very much for any help,

Martin Mehrling
Digital Systems Specialist
301 Snell Library
Northeastern University
Boston, Massachusetts 02115
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