[greenstone-users] large image on homepage

From jbfox@sdb.org
DateSat Nov 1 11:50:51 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] large image on homepage
A question if I may,
Apart from the fact that I am trying to explain
things to a local group in Sao Paulo in a language I have not yet mastered
(!), I have a problem I cannot resolve.? They have a wide (very)
screen and a smaller, more ordinary one. The header image they want is
meant to cover the full width of the screen, but obviously while that
works for the smaller screen it does not for the larger one.
Where -
and how - do I control the replacement for gsdlhead.gif to achieve this
flexibility? I thought I might be able to do it from the style.css but to
no avail, at least so far.

I'm also still looking for the
possibility of a group in this country who uses Greenstone.? One kind
person responded to my last query but has suggested there are alternatives
to Greenstone.? For any number of reasons I wish to stick with
Greenstone but would prefer to leave them with some help and epxerience in
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