[greenstone-users] Logging user activity

From Gregory S. Williamson
DateWed, 6 Jul 2005 02:44:28 -0700
Subject [greenstone-users] Logging user activity
I have set up a greenstone instance (2.6) on a linux box and have it running satisfactorily. [soon to be annpunced to the world]

We would very much like to be able to see what material is being accessed, but enabling the logging seems to enable only certain events (running the library executable from a command line, for instance). It doesn't seem to pick up anything about what users are doing in terms of browsing.

These are snippets from the gsdlsite config file:
# Set logcgiargs to true to keep a log of usage information in
# $GSDLHOME/etc/usage.txt.
logcgiargs true

# Set usecookies to true to use cookies to identify users (cookie
# information will be written to the usage log if logcgiargs is
# true).
usecookies true
LogEvents AllEvents


Reading the documentation does imply that only collector actions are logged, which is consistant (I think) with what I am seeing, so then the question would be, is there any way to log user activity, e.g. what documents are being accessed ? DOes the newest Greestone support this ?

Thanks for your time,

Greg Williamson