[greenstone-users] Greenstone Librarian generates perl.exe error.

From paul.barrington7@ntlworld.com
DateTue, 23 May 2006 1:19:13 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone Librarian generates perl.exe error.
Greenstone version 2.70
Installation via Download installer.
"Local Library" install method.

Operating System: Windows 2000 Pro.
Existing resident perl install: version 5.80

PROBLEM: When attempting to make a collection in
accordance with the "work through" (Chap. 3 page 19)
the following error messages occur when completing
the data entry in the first dialog box and pressing
the OK button (Figure 4 the Librarian Interface):-

(1) Program Error. Perl.exe has generated errors...
the program will now terminate ... OK

(2) ERROR. An error has occurred and the collection
could not be created. An error log has been generated.

(a) I have cheked the system logs, and no error reports
can be found.

(b) Contrary to the error event notice, the system does
not terminate, and all menus are active and appear normal.
The Librarian has to be manually closed down ... but then
the Greenstone Digital Library still remains active until
it is also exited manually.

Please advise remedial course of action, if possible.

Many thanks.
Sincere best regards,

Dr. Paul Barrington

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