[greenstone-users] Customisation of greenstone

From ravi bhushan
DateMon Mar 29 05:34:27 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Customisation of greenstone

I want to customize greensone DL according to my use. I want to design
my home page in table form i,e whole the content will come in a table of
particular width and height . I am unable to do that. In designing i am
unable to decrease the gap between collection titles on home page.
I have gone through "home.dm" file in "Greenstone->macros" folder and in
this file it is written that " _homeextra_ is the automatically generated
list of collections (in a table)" but, where is "_homeextra_" macro defined.
I want to know that from where all the collections is coming in table format

Please provide some useful suggestion or link for customizing greenstone
home page not the particular collection ( all the documentation on internet
is giving collection customization) .

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