[greenstone-users] Default Language when Enter Library or RestartLibrary

From Cao Minh Kiem
DateMon Sep 21 16:05:34 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Default Language when Enter Library or RestartLibrary
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Hi, Anh Tuan,
There may be two ways. The first way is modifying system configuration file (main.cfg). In order to do so, you could follow the following steps:
- Go to ETC folder in Greenstone program folder (may be C:Program FilesGreenstoneetc, depends on your installation)
- Use Notepad or Wordpad to open the file: main.cfg
- At the following line at the end of file:
#Set default language to Vietnamese
cgiarg shortname=l argdefault=vi
- Save file
- Restart the Greenstone.
I hope the default language of your interface will be Vietnamese

The second way: Start the Greenstone => at the GSDL home menu, click "Preferences" => select "Tieng Viet" (Vietnamese) in the box Interface language; => save and go back to Home (Trang chu).

I hope it can help.

Cao Minh Kiem
Deputy Director
National Centre for S&T Information
24 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi, VIETNAM
Email: kiemcm@vista.gov.vn

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Subject: [greenstone-users] Default Language when Enter Library or RestartLibrary

Dear All!

My website allways default English Language!

I would like to default my language (Vietnamese) with interface of web when start with GreenStone Server (version: 2.8.2)
(Click Enter Library or Restart Library)

Please help me!

Thank lots!

Nguyen Anh Tuan
Email: nguyentuan1234@gmail.com


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