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From Cao Minh Kiem
DateThu, 19 Jul 2007 14:13:33 -0700
Subject [greenstone-users] RE: Advanced search
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Dear collegues

I would like to ask you for help. I set the seach mode to “advanced query mode”.

The search form has options (Check box):  (Fold, Stem). Look in the Help and could not find explanation on Fold and Stm mode.

Could you give me some clue: What are Fold and Stem options used for? Or what is their role in formulation of search query?

Best regards


Cao Minh Kiem

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Hi Ed,

In the "C:Program FilesGreenstonecollect" folder, is the collection's folder called "Papers Sample"?



E Robinson wrote:

I invoked it from the Preview button of the Librarian Interface
I have now opened up another collection which gave the same warning but opened correctly with indices working, so I must have something else wrong with the 'sample papers' collection.

I've now opened up the collections using the Digital Library (home page), and it did not give the warning, but all collections do when using the GLI and preview button.


sw64@cs.waikato.ac.nz wrote:

Hello Robinson,
That URL didn't look alright to me, if your collection name is "Papers
Sample" the c parameter should have the value "paperssa" which is also the
collection's directory name in the collect dir. How did you invoke your
collection from the home page or the preview button? Could you check that?



I opened a collection today that had been working correctly a couple of
months ago, and got the following message

Windows cannot find ‘
Sample&l=en&a=p&p=about&uq=1184567292265’. Make sure you typed the name
correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start
button, and then click Search.

The collection name is Papers Sample, and I could see nothing missing in
the collect directory for that collection. I rebuilt the collection from
the GLI but still get the same error warning.

The warning comes up immediately on opening the collection, which does
not display any of the indices that have been built, and shows only a
search facility - but that does not give results for any searches.

I re-installed Greenstone 2.72, but am still getting the warning. I am
using Windows XP.

I presume there is a file corrupt or missing but I cannot work out what
it is.

Any ideas?

Ed Robinson



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