[greenstone-users] Installing Greenstone on an ISP

From Christopher Guerrant
DateFri, 19 Mar 2004 23:45:40 -0800
Subject [greenstone-users] Installing Greenstone on an ISP
I want to use Greenstone for a collection of personal documentation.  It consists of about 500 handwritten letters from the 1800's and several hundred other image files.
I would assume that the majority of Greenstone users are affiliated with an academic institution where there is greater flexibility over the use of web servers.
I am not affiliated with a university so I need to find an Internet Service Provider (ISP) on which to run Greenstone and to host the image files of my collection.
I read only a few postings on the Greenstone mailing lists regarding installing the software on an ISP.  I still am unclear about how to find an appropriate ISP.
My questions regarding ISP's are as follows:
Am I correct in my belief that any ISP will have to manually install Greenstone, just like I would do on my own computer?
If that is the case, isn't it unlikely to find many ISPs that will go to the trouble?  After all, they probably haven't heard of Greenstone and might be uncomfortable installing something they are not familiar with.
Is there a way to FTP the software to an ISP's webserver myself and go through most of the install and then just ask the ISP to do a few small steps themselves? 
Other than pair.com (which was mentioned in the mailing list but at 17.95/month is too expensive for me), are there other known ISPs that would be easy to work with in installing Greenstone?
Thanks for any suggestions.
-Christopher Guerrant
Los Angeles, California