[greenstone-devel] Unable to use GLI Export to Cd-ROM ...

From Francis Jayakanth
DateMon, 19 Jan 2004 15:10:47 +0530 (IST)
Subject [greenstone-devel] Unable to use GLI Export to Cd-ROM ...
Dear List:

I'm using the latest version of GSDL, v2.41 (local library) on a Win'98

I have built a demo collection using GLI and was unsuccessful trying to use
the GLI"s Export to CD-ROM feature to export the the collection onto a CD.
After selecting the collection and clicking on Export button a pop-up
window with series of error messages comes up. Error messages are listed

I realized that the 'local library' version may not support CD exporting
functionality. I uninstalled the local library version and wanted to do a
'custom' setup. But in the 'custom' setup, there is no provision to enable
the CD exporting feature as it used to be in the older versions.

Could you pl. let me know how to get the CD exporting functionality
working using GLI?

Many thanks in anticipation.

- Francis

Bangalore, India.

Error messages in the pop-up window
the collection () could not be exported to CD-ROM. Please review output

exportcol.pl failed: one or more of the following necessary files and
directories does not exist.

c:program filesgsdlimages
c:program filesgsdlmacros
c:program filesgsdlmappings
c:program filesgsdletcmain.cfg
c:program filesgsdlbinwindowsserver.exe
c:program filesgsdlbinwindowsgssetup.exe
c:program filesgsdlbinwindowssetup.exe
c:program filesgsdlbinwindows et32
c:program filesgsdlbinwindows et16
c:program filesgsdlbinwindows etscape
c:program filesgsdlbinwindowswin32s
c:program filesgsdlbinjavaphind

command failed.