[greenstone-users] buildcol.pl : strange 'Broken pipe' error

From Steve Jones
DateTue, 17 Jul 2007 18:43:13 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] buildcol.pl : strange 'Broken pipe' error

Until recently I've had no problem importing, building, deploying
Greenstone 3 collections from the command line.

But now I get a weird 'Broken pipe' error during the build process...

-------- this happens --------------
$ buildcol.pl -collectdir <correct full path is here> hcibib
WARNING: None of -removeold, -keepold or -incremental were specified,
defaulting to -removeold. Current contents of building directory will
be deleted.

*** creating the compressed text

collecting text statistics (mgpp_passes -T1)
ArcPlug: processing <correct full path is here>/hcibib/archives/

mgpp_passes [-J doc-tag] [-K level-tag] [-L index-level]
[-m invf-memory] [-T1] [-T2] [-I1] [-I2] [-S]
[-C] [-h] [-d directory] -f name

GAPlug: processing HASH0144.dir/doc.xml
Broken pipe

This is independent of the document, or the plugin that processed the
documents during import.
The failure is always the same.

Building is completely fine if I use the -debug option for

Obviously there's an inter-process communication problem. But I've
got no idea what it is or how to fix it.

I'm using Greenstone 3 on OS 10.4.10


Steve Jones
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University of Waikato
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