[greenstone-users] Re: Displaying Author Metadata and Original Documents

From Sharad Jadhav
DateSat, 4 Jun 2005 06:49:09 +0100 (BST)
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Displaying Author Metadata and Original Documents
In-Reply-To (429A49B9-2070708-cs-waikato-ac-nz)
As advised by you, I tried my self to solve the  problem, but unfortunately, could not. If am putting any thing like XXXXX after [dc.Title] tag, it gets printed on the screen, except dc.Title, dc.Author .
format CL1VList "{If}{[numleafdocs],[link][icon][/link][Title],
[srclink][srcicon][/srclink] [dc.Title][dc.Description] XXXXXXX}"

To recall my problem, I just want to display the original files (PDFs) using AZCompactList with mingroup 1.

Sharad Jadhav
National Insurance Academy, INDIA

Katherine Don <kjdon@cs.waikato.ac.nz> wrote:

I'm not sure why the page would go blank, but here's a few things to check:

Is the classifier the first one? CL1VList is for the first classifier in
the list.
CL1VList should have a capital L, not CL1Vlist.
You should also display the Title for the classifier node, i.e.

format CL1VList "{If}{[numleafdocs],[link][icon][/link][Title],
[srclink][srcicon][/srclink] [dc.Title][dc.Description]}"

If you are having problems with the format statements, you can try to
debug them yourself. start off with something really simple like
format CL1VList "xxx"
Then you can immediately see if your format statement is actually being
used or not.
Once you know that it is, then you can add in the other bits one by one.
format CL1VList "{If}{[numleafdocs],[link][icon][/link]classifier,


Sharad Jadhav wrote:
> Hi,
> I have used the numleafdocs tag as suggested. But after adding this to
> the format string, if I restart greenstone, the page goes blank or only
> Author : Untitled string is displyed. Below is the classifier string and
> format string
> classify AZCompactList -mingroup 1 -metadata dc.Creator
> -buttonname Creator
> format CL1Vlist " {If}{[numleafdocs],[link][icon][/link],
> [srclink][srcicon][/srclink] [dc.Title][dc.Description]}"
> Is the format statement is not rightly defined, if yes please let me know.
> I have successfully installed and tested GSDL Web Library using IIS
> (Internet Information Services/ Webserver from Microsoft) on a local
> computer. Hope it works well on our server too.
> Regards,
> Sharad Jadhav
> */Katherine Don /* wrote:
> Hi
> >
> > As suggested, I tried -minigroup 1, and yes it worked well. This has
> > solved my big problem of grouping the documents together. As we have
> > mostly PDF documents in our collection, we want to show them without
> > HTML version. I tried removing the [link] tag around [icon]. After
> > removing [link] tag, now bookshelf icon doesn?t work.
> >
> Use the structure I put in the format statement in the previous email:
> {If}{[numleafdocs], display for bookshelf, display for documents}
> Regards,
> Katherine

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